April 21, 2015



It is raw. and real. and powerful. 

And. When I am walking or running. or sitting. I put my hand on the brick wall. the sidewalk. the airport shuttle. the church cinderblock. the baby's foot. Whatever is there.

And I am in the present. 


The present is the best place to be because it is where everything is possible. It is where dreams are completed 

or disregarded.

The choice is to run from discomfort. or move into it. 

The present is where hope lives. 

you would think it lives in the future. 

But let it live in the


it helps your walk become a run. 

and your run. 


a fly. 

This is Nella.

When she was born, I wrote her momma an email. Because her momma is a great photographer and writer.

And I felt connected to her.
So I followed my instinct.

Good thing I was right.

We have been friends for five years.
Good friends.

I would call her one of my best friends. We speak the same language. and text. call. and skype when things are insane. or scary. or amazing.

We think we were born in the same hospital. High-fived our little baby hands and then worked on projects until we saw each other again.

We volley around art ideas and help each other with work.

We are artists that love human beings.
beautiful things.
raw places.

and our hearts beat in this ridiculous pattern. almost out of our chests.

and we hugged last week.

Five years later.

Adventure is what life is for.


Kelle: http://www.kellehampton.com/

They are like wings.. see.

I have loved both of them for a while.

So good to be together.

We soaked it up.

in cow pajamas. with stickers. swimming pools. ballet class.
beaches. alligators. grapefruit slices in our beer. thai food.

and lots of creative conversation and brainstorms.

until going to bed exhausted. with wet hair. and a closer understanding 
of what support and love looks like. 

                                                                                                                                                                       photo credit:Kelle Hampton

i love music. almost more than everything.