May 26, 2015


 I am on another planet. 

Normally yes, but particularly now. 


and therefore it takes over my life- HAPPILY until then. 

If you do not have tickets. you are missing an experience. 

get them now and just go by yourself

and be inspired by the power of the arts and of a community that unites.

these students are risk takers. brave fighters. quiet. loud. happy. nervous. loving. troublemaking. authentic. clever. smart. funny. 

they have different abilities. 

they see things and understand things in ways that inform my life. 

and we get to share that. 

on JUNE 7. 

LIVE ART is a concert/show/performance... but it is like that book you read and when it is over it affects the following days and you want to tell everyone about it but they didn't read the book and you wish they had because it swallowed you up.

lucky me. 
lucky you.

While painting the set last week I told one of my coworkers that I seem to speak really flowery about this program and wonder if that kind of gets old and people dont realize how amazing it is. 

maybe I am making people numb to the words I use...



ok picture how you feel if you are a barefoot sweaty kid covered in sticky rainbow hands with pieces of a lollipop in your hair and running around with your favorite friends. 

(that is a literal picture of one of my favorite LIVE ART helpers last week) 

Anyways. That is how we sincerely feel working on this project. 

Because it takes your insides. and sets them -  in a very aesthetically beautiful way - on the outside.



I geeked out when I drove by this. I took pictures and pulled over and people stopped to see which famous person was on the sidewalk. 

No guys.. hes on the marquee. 


And when it is over. you can find me. 

creatively exhausted. 

and missing my people. 

Because the coolest thing about this is that it's a show. but it is a realistic representation of a program that happens all year. 

A way that human beings are valued. and elevated. 

And loved. 

I am an artist because I am interested in the important. real. and deep stuff. 

and this... 

This is it.


May 15, 2015

My little city garden is life affirming: and how being outside makes life feel: good.

So I have been really busy which is kind of annoying to hear and awfully subjective. and me just trying to justify any delay on anything. 

really sorry about my delay in mailing prints lately. you would think it is rocket sometimes feels like it. 

I think the post office enjoys the apologetic rabbit illustrations all over the packaging. 
especially this one lady who makes zero attempt to react. 
I am onto her. 


ART SHOW OPENING JULY 9. details to come. ( thursday. mark your calendars. my friends are playing music. my sister is making bacon wrapped dates. 
my art and the art of Claire Hill will be on display at Hill Gallery. 
again, that's july9. a thursday. come have a drink. and look at things) 

but before that!

In June, my rabbits and birds and such are hanging in the lobby of Theater Lab
in conjunction with their show 
white rabbit red rabbit
June 8-21 
I support theater making, art moves, and experimental voices- so:

but before that!

LIVE ART is coming on June 7. 
buy a ticket NOW.

It is the biggest deal. 

I am a teacher and the art director for LIVE ART- an inclusive theater arts program for students of all abilities. 

And I mean all. 

I am particularly in love with... 

each of them. 

I can honestly say that
because we teach the value of every human being and we genuinely feel it there-
which is why it is my great passion and feels like my purpose on this planet. 

to work with human beings that are unique. genuine. honest. fighters.  and did I say genuine? 

I think that is what I crave most when I really think about what attracts me.


I am currently in school for American Sign Language- English Interpretation
and. lets have a small dance party for the fact that I just finished my first semester.


But I already bought my next set of books and am of course already anticipating the craziness as it continues. 

I adore school and love to learn.

but I do not love balancing the work load

there is something extremely empowering about sacrifice
and doing things you dont love... to get somewhere you will... love. 


this post was originally supposed to be about my garden.  Which I planted a few weeks ago and am always standing in. 

I am obsessed. I am 90 years old.   

I love Birds. 

I am also 12. 

I love Dirt.

today I literally stood at a bird feeder down the street for a good fifteen minutes. 

and if you think- 

yes you do. 

calling your bluff. we all make time for what we really want. 


my point is-

I have a garden. and I like to stand barefoot in it for far too long. 

This is a bookcase I got from the alley by the trash can. Turned it sideways.

and the mint and cilantro are doing really well. I put mint in everything now.

I wanted an outdoor bar. and, being 90. I love yard sales.

 and this guy was selling a white and faux wood cabinet thing.

It is not white and faux wood anymore.

The power of turquoise.

I almost died when I saw these things.

I also just discovered that rose bushes are on my list of the greatest things ever.

This year the one in my yard is particularly incredible. 


I watch every one happen. 

this small chair is in case a fairy wants to sit.
it was also a yard sale find.

if it sits still. I plant something in it.

Today I gasped outloud at this one and I have no idea what makes it so amazing except that I have been waiting for it for so long.

and I dont know how big this marigold think it can get. But its out of its mind.

so far, there is a direct correlation between work load and garden size.

I have cilantro for the whole block.


I am acing the warm weather this year.

I am outside 90% of the time. either in my yard. or

packing paints in a backpack and adventuring.

more on that soon.
on how being unprepared means nearly fainting at a waterfall.
how lizards feel about oil paint.
and how you should apply sunscreen behind your knees.


there is a new art center in town.

it is providing vocational opportunities to adults with special needs
who have a passion for a career in the arts.

So. I am working with them now.

That was a no brainer.

and it is BRAND NEW. so please hold for more information.

enjoy the music while your party is being reached.


i love music. almost more than everything.