November 4, 2016

Believe in something.

It is a much more beautiful option and also a productive one. 

than being negative and complaining and pointing out everything wrong in the world. 
first- everything is not wrong. 
second- perspective is a gift. 
third- hug a baby or something. 

We get a lot farther elevating one another and what we feel passionately about 
and we get much less far complaining. 

If there is something you believe in- I urge you to get on that train. or boat. or the horse beside the train (hence this blog title) 

I would high five the crap out of you. 

But if not 

try on a different attitude. cause that current one is not fun for anyone to look at. 

hurts my eyes. and insides. 

i love music. almost more than everything.