April 15, 2014



Pssst. see:  NEW RESTAURANT.

and more here too: GO EAT THERE.


The difference between success and um, less success... Is work. 

and yeah, luck. 

But if you spend an entire day outside you will find more four leaf clovers than the person who is asleep on the couch. 

Except one of them is more rested.

and maybe you don't even find one. 

But your chances. 

you should increase them. 


and in any case. go to brunch. 

I find that it helps everything. To go to brunch as often as possible. 
or breakfast. even better.

preferably in a charming city. where you live. 


in the spirit of breakfast. 

beginnings are beginnings. 

I always say. woah. if you told me to go back and do the same project again, I would barf. 

Once I finish, I cant believe what the beginning felt like. 

At the time though, there is a mix of excitement. anxiety. and 

WAIT. everything is possible. so I need to make some decisions. 

I really like hoodies. 

So I threw one on this girl. and 

then I realized. she probably needed a basket of food. to guard. 

from the big bad wolf  Foo Dogs.


and villains. are the most fun. 

and blank walls. 

can be both scary and amazing.


I can remember when the elementary school librarian read

it stuck with me. 

I remember exactly where she was sitting and where I was sitting and the sound the book cover made when her nails hit it. 

I think I am Harold. 

I think I always knew that. 

I am Harold. 


working in a fishbowl will really test you.

it separates the men from the boys. 


I am a boy. in that scenario. I think. 

hahanoreallyitsfineWHATS THAT SOUND?!

her hair turns into branches that wrap around the dining room. 

She's not scared.

note. my obsession with small branches that fit in small spaces.

heights- as you get older. you get more afraid of them. 

found this out. 

I can only blame myself for painting myself into creepy woods at night.

and whenever sculpture can sneak in... 

it should.


My friends are amazing. by the way.

and so is the food. 


now my friends send me pictures like this.


and this town looks pretend sometimes. 

like my life.

but it's real. 

this is the smallest supporter of the arts. :)


They let me on the outside too. 

so. more to come.

...a lot more.


i love music. almost more than everything.