April 26, 2010

"Cause you and your heart...shouldn't feel so far apart"

- Jack Johnson, he's been telling me that a lot lately and I totally agree with him.

This is what my studio looks like right now. I am part horrified. 

But my heart is in this...

If you haven't worked really hard on something and carried it through the streets of NY, you should. 

Man: what's in there? a body?

Me: Sort of.

(and everyone keeps walking)

It can be cumbersome. But it makes travel look like cake when you aren't carrying theater supplies or sculptures through the streets. 

Whatever your passion is... put it in a black trash bag and go. 

I am quite amazed at my life. and quite in love with it when I am mid art transport. When what you love is weighing you down, but you keep carrying it, you realize how committed you are. 

Even though there is so much to figure out, it is ridiculous to squeeze a puppet head in the cab of your truck so it stares at your friend the whole way up the interstate. 

What about when your friends carry the puppet head while you haul the body down Broadway?

shout out to ultimate sidekick sister- who ties up all sorts of loose ends.. and will carry the roll of set paintings around without knocking people out on the bus. 

Did I ever mention how in love with brunch I am?... It's what I look forward to in life. It is in the top 5. 

Did I mention the giant puppet is under the table?... Barely... so many people. so little room.  But we made it. 


Bye sweet girl. Go break a leg. 

You should go see her.
We are OLD KENT ROAD THEATER. and we are about to perform next at:

Oh I have so many more pictures to post and things to say. Stay tuned. I am very very tired..... which means I am throwing myself into some new stuff. 

in that case. i love being tired.

*seriously. theres more where these came from. and they will be up ASAP.

P.S.  go see Memphis
You need to.
Everyone does.

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