March 15, 2012


I adore the circus.
it is all things magical, beautiful, and slightly eerie.

Visually stimulating. in about 3920138 ways.

The circus is my aesthetic.


The circus is what it looks like with my eyes closed. 

I am thrilled to present my new series.
(there was a sneak peek in an earlier post.)



Circus Series 1:

If We Have No Peace, It Is Because We Have Forgotten That We Belong To Each Other

be kind.


Circus Series 2:

Bigger Than Yourself

be moved.


Circus Series 3:

Dream Big. Dream Embarrassing Big. 

be brave.


information on the series:

Prints are ALWAYS available of each piece. 
fine art prints are high quality, pick up the thread detail, and look identical to the original

With this series. because of the detail... I actually sew on each print. This means no two prints are alike.
I do this because I adore the series. and it felt right.


Prints - unframed- are 180.00
Prints- framed- are 300.00

originals are 525.00

Status of originals:

Circus Series 1: If We Have No Peace, It Is Because We Have Forgotten That We Belong To Each Other (giraffe) is sold.

Circus Series 2: Bigger Than Yourself. (elephant) is available.

Circus Series 3: Dream Big. Dream Embarrassing Big. (lion) is available.

I will update the status of the originals above and change them as needed.

email me if you would like an original. or a print.

remember. prints are ALWAYS AVAILABLE despite having sold the original.

(This is their debut on the internet. ask fast.)





Brenda said...

These are gorgeous. Amazing job!

Rhonda said...

I adore the sleeping lion. The elephant is very elegant. The giraffe, looks scared. I love your work! Wish I had money and a huge wall to display it all. You have such a great vision and you are very talented. Love it all.

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely breathtaking Abby.

vvvv said...

wow amazing!! beautiful!

i love music. almost more than everything.