October 23, 2012

This may be the coffee talking.


Really. it probably is. 

But if I had the choice to live life under or not under the influence of such a delicious drug. i would have to say.... Venti.

Because it is Sunday. and Sunday makes you stop and evaluate things. 
You have to look ahead at the week. you have to plan. you have to think about last week. you have tozz.z z zzzz z. 

yeah normally I fall asleep on Sunday. in a chair. standing. at the wheel. you know. you just 
pass. out. 

Sunday is conducive to long naps you never even knew you agreed to. 
you only find out about them when you wake up in a pool of drool. 

I've never been a good nap-recoverer.  After I wake up I feel 2.
and I need a few hours to warm up to people again.


So I went to a coffee shop. a popular one run by a local mermaid.  Because I am trying to run with the rest of my weekend energy. as fast as I can. before I wipe out in public.

This weekend I sort of kicked ass. 

wait. let me re-word that. 

My friend did. 

I have a friend who has stepped in with amazing computer knowledge. and is helping me transform my website into something that looks a lot more like my dreamsite. 

I am talking about my website... not this blog. 

My site has been down because some changes happened with Apple and their hosting plan.

But like every obstacle and moment of this-feels-like-permanent-devastation. it has actually been a blessing in disguise. 

Because there are things I wanted to happen with my site. and with my list of projects ahead, I needed to be forced to make them happen.

and to get out

I think you are supposed to be still. 

Which. as an analogy. works really well.

I guess that would be... be patient. call for help. and move slowly. but dont give up.


Something else awesome
is that I use a tablet to draw many of my graphic design images.

It broke months ago. 

But. working as an artist... 'broken' really means... 
'use this differently. i dare you' 

So, Scotch Tape.
every day.

The wires had to be taped together exactly right.

And ultimately I had to tape the tablet to the table in a specific position, or else it wouldn't work.

If I breathed wrong it would turn off.

Don't ask.

So dumb.

But the amazing news is that when the pen broke, I finally had to just order a new one.


no more tape.


I woke up one morning in panic. 

said "Hey. Im sort of worried about things lately. Like. Im a full time artist. which i believe in. but im constantly nervous and upset about how its not the easiest. and maybe I need to.... "

the other end of the line says, 

"No. You worry when you realize no one has your back and you are totally alone in this. but you arent yet. so go get things done. "


I think everyone needs to fall in a tar pit I guess. 

Some time. 

For one. You realize you need each other. 

For another... 

You know what it is like to fall. 

and be trapped. 

or hurt. 

or down. 

or struggling. 


and to understand what it is like to be someone else.
that is what makes people kind.

Posting this lady in honor of my brilliant decision to get high on frap. and write about how hard things get. and how much easier they seem when you change your perspective. or when you look up. 

because things are always possible. 

Queen of coffee highs and infinite possibilities 

80.00 PRINTS

She's always in my gallery library.  but today she knows how to throw down. 
let a sister out.


and to other people, be good.

they may totally need it right now.


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cnhenigin said...

i would like a t-shirt with the coffee cup and slogan. swwweeeeettttt

i love music. almost more than everything.