February 27, 2014


The tricky part about being an artist. 

is that life looks different 

every day. 

I am without a completely expected schedule.
Which I love. and am also terrified of.

The amazing part about being an artist.

is that life looks different 

every day.


look. I snuck a picture of me teaching a night class. this cracked me up.

I always say
I wish I was a little more comfortable.
I dont mean living in a castle.
(I think I would be slightly afraid people were hiding in other rooms that I couldnt see.)

but I would like to just relax a little more. Less leaping from project to project.

just a little more comfortable. 


when I was talking to my friend who had a giant amazing music hit recently. after a lot of hard work.

I realized. 

What crazyamazingthing has ever happened as the result of - being comfortable. 

Am I redundant? Do I say this all the time? Am I going to take the honey sample from the bee keeper EVERY time at the Farmers Market?




I sort of beg for discomfort. I am a walking target. 

*I found myself in a graphic novel. not mine. Madeline L'Engle's--- A Wrinkle in Time. by Hope Larson. 

I say these sort of things a lot because I have to remind myself a lot. 



Because I want to be brave. 


I am brave. 

I am. 



My dad told me that being brave isnt not being afraid. 

It is being afraid. 

and doing it anyway. 


I have the afraid part down you guys.
but thank goodness I also have the DRIVE THERE ANYWAY part down.


Sometimes that is where my illustrations come from. ok. Let me be honest.

I saw myself in the mirror a couple weeks ago. and I realized. um.

where my characters come from... maybe



Let's move.

braveheart style
( which I watched again recently and is really a lot of intense gore. Whew)


not a lot is scarier than a blank start.
not a lot has more amazing possible potential than a blank start.

lots going on at once right now.

but one cool project I am doing is interior and exterior design for a new restaurant/bar.

Foo Dog.


Sneak Peek at the 30 foot sign going across the front of the building. 

Think Chinese Zodiac Animals. 

dragons like tea.  and also breathing fire. 


Side note:

a different project...


im really very aware especially because it is very late. and 

my reality.



It is good to be a little scared.

only if you do it anyways.



Amal said...


1. that doodle is me in winter. i'll live, i guess.

2. your dad's beautiful words might find themselves on my classroom wall. just so you know.

3. restaurant design = awesome project!

4. i kind of drooled on my shirt when i saw that blue paint can. i'll give you $20 for what you don't use.

keep on, a.b..

Marko said...

dragon hat, good job! - Marko

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and you artwork, but most of all your wonderful insight into what is important in life! I am one of those people that does get nervous and anxious when things are not comfortable, but you are so right, no great things come from being comfortable. Thank you for the reminder. Btw, I love your playlists!

i love music. almost more than everything.