February 1, 2019



I have more things to say.
 and I was saying them in other places but I like this place. 

So I am back here right now. or I am in Panera. depends on how you look at it. 

 I suddenly wanted to be here... like a regular at a diner. 
Which was a severely important goal of mine in college. that I accomplished. But look, we don't all have that kind of work ethic. 

I wanted to post an old image. because I saw it and wanted to...

and just say that I am thinking about things. All the time. 

I think part of my silence here is because Instagram was invented and it is fast and the writing space is small and less like an open field I have to sprint across and touch every part of.
Personal issue. 

 But also part is because the current climate has been heavy. Since the election. you know the one. 

and I have been deep in work. 

Wonderful morning. named by my nephew because I defer sometimes to people who see deeply and understand the important things. oil on canvas 30 x 30. sold.

I feel so fortunate to be an artist. 

And I feel so strongly that our job as artists, is to make important work. 
As human beings it is our job to act.

I am trying to make those things happen.

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