November 25, 2019

You won't get more than you can handle. or rather. Yes. YOU DO.

A lot of people say that God won't give you more than you can handle. 

But I know there are times in life when you do get more than you can handle. 

I am certain of it.

I think we get help handling it. What lands on us. or happens to us. or happens around us.

I think we keep walking and somehow someone, and God, they make it possible to walk on.

I don't think He gives us the hard things based on our ability. I think He's part of our ability to move. 

But the weight is not totally gone. I think that is suffering. or struggle. 

And I know from experience that suffering is a connector.

A horrible. life changing. painful ...connector. 

of all humans. 

I see its value. and at the same time. I cannot handle it alone. and I do not want it. 

All of those things. at once.


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