March 19, 2010

oh joy

How legit is it to comment on how many people are looking at your blog or following you?... because I am about to do it.

 I had a mini dance party on the inside when I saw I have 9 followers. what?... if you made reservations for 9 that would be a large party.. not a small one. that would be a large book club.. and you'd even have to take 2 cars if you were going somewhere. If someone had 9 kids you would say. woah. thats a lot of kids. John and Kate only had 8.

This blog is new. I feel the same way about it that I felt in 6th grade when I wore my first "fitted t shirt." If you aren't a girl, you don't realize that taking the step from the normal t-shirt to fitted shirt was a big deal. It opens doors. At least that was true when I was in 6th grade. And maybe it is true if you have only big brothers and no one has paved the fashion road for you at all....bc you are wearing Hulk PJs still.

The fitted t-shirt had a silver Batman logo made of glitter. and I thought--- " I am going out on a limb here. " I was super confident and felt really good about my decision.. but also a little nervous. and sometimes a lot nervous. mostly just taking a leap. and in 6th grade I felt like I aced it. 

By the end of the day, my visitor count will be over 300. which is teeeeny tiny but to me is a giant victory. and in celebration... I will... keep doing what I am doing.  

And, in other exciting news- I have received some fabulous feedback too. including this amazing cartoon that MARTIN WILSON sent me. thank you Martin. I love it. It relates all too closely to my life. ~ these types of conversations take place at every wedding, baby shower, bridesmaids luncheon, Christmas party....

and I am the opposite of bitter about it. I think it is that link that bonds artists. It is part of being an artist. 

Answering these sort of questions. so -  Own it.

Success Story by Billy Burg

and don't get me wrong I'm still nervous a lot of the time. like right now- Im sporting one of those poofs on the top of my head. and I only had one bobby pin on the floor of my truck. so it's abnormally high and comes to a direct point. I am acting like it is on purpose and staying cool ....wonder who sees through me?...probably no one.  

main point- you can be nervous and brave at the same time ... bc my dad always said-  being brave is not being unafraid... it's doing it anyway. because you are afraid... and you still do it. 

that's being brave. 

2009, painting the set floor for Old Kent Road Theater's I Stand for Nothing

general plan: 

in one night?... mother of...

let's do it.

Stage started completely black.  

Threw down some color. with help from my brother and some friends...the plan was to make it look like wood with a drawing over top.

friends left. brother napped in the elevated risers of the theater... and I painted through the night...

in the morning we left. locked the theater at dawn. 

Manhattan mornings are peaceful and quiet.

There it is.


My nephew is learning this. The tub seems huge compared to the sink. But he is so brave.


kristin said...

Make that 10 followers!

Don't worry, I'll bring a dessert to the dinner party, and if there isn't enough food... we'll make more.

Reading this blog is a highlight of my day. Keep it up!

Unknown said...


i love music. almost more than everything.