November 17, 2010


Today I tried a building material that some taxidermists use.


I used it once on a set for a show. And I think it can kick my game up a little.

I had to wear gloves and mix two parts together. The consistency is like cement.

And it is a race against time until it starts to set. Which feels like a challenge. and that eggs me on.

But I found myself getting frustrated. and forgetting that new materials have new qualities that I should utilize... and I should stop wishing it acted like clay. because clay already existed. and I didn't need another expensive version of clay.

When the material sets, it gets ridiculously hard.  which explains why some like to use it for recreating wild life... bones.  agh.

Yeah. for real.

Although I build creatures, I am not good with that genre.

Once, I went to that  superstore on the side of the interstate. The one that sells camo everything. camo soap dishes. camo brushes. camo bathing suits.

I was so curious.


There was a giant bear on the staircase.

Summary: out of body experience.

Anyways. back to the material I was kneading. 

It had a smell to it. 

And nothing about it said " dead animals"   But it was all in my head.

So when it got to me in the mail last week, it sat on a chair for a while, sealed up as it arrived.
No one touched it.
 Just because I needed a second to feel like I could open it.

Trial and error people. I'm still figuring it out.

Anyways. While I deal with my own crazy, get a load of this...

That lamb was mailed to New York, but before she went, she ran amuck in this house.

Ok well... she took up space and occupied a chair.

That's what I thought, until I saw these on my computer. 


I know.

Tell me about it.

Someone found photobooth.

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